Cool People: Leslie Lewis-Walker

Leslie Lewis-Walker​Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Poet
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Where do you live?
Norwood Junction, right on the door step of Crystal Palace FC!

How long have you lived in Croydon?
All my life, but had brief spells away in Watford and High Wycombe. However, I couldn’t keep away!

Where’s your favourite place to eat?
I can’t pick one, i have to mention two… I love the food at the Dutchie restaurant which is a real hidden gem. I also adore the Pho, Cat Ba Island Vietnamese Restaurant in south Croydon. The food there is class!

Where’s your favourite place to drink?
St Matthews Yard. During the summer days and the warm nights you can’t  beat that spot. If I feel a little classy – the smoothbean! They sometimes have an ace jazz band playing that are a delight to listen to!

What’s your favourite thing to do in Croydon?
I love to people watch so I can happily sit outside Caffe Nero (East Croydon ) with my peppermint tea and watch time go by. Those moments are golden when writing new songs.

What’s the coolest thing about Croydon?
Croydon is home! One of my first memories as a child was looking up at the 50p building, trying to understand why it was shaped like that. You can walk less than a mile from West Croydon to East Croydon and feel like you’re in a completely different space. I also think there is a real creative energy that is spreading, which I think is a sign that people feel free and happy to express themselves in this town.

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