Cool People: Liz Sheppard-Jones

Liz Sheppard- Jones

Associate Editor of the Croydon Citizen and author of ‘Not A Proper Child‘ (due to be published in Sept 2018 in her ‘writer name’ Elizabeth Sheppard).
Click Here for more info on Liz

Where do you live?
Broad Green since 2011. Before that, I was a Waddonian

How long have you lived in Croydon?
Nearly 17 years (incredibly)

Where’s your favourite place to eat?
Kalpa West Croydon in St James’s Road. Nowhere beats your local curry place and we’re super lucky with ours.

Where’s your favourite place to drink?
Outside Smoothbean cafe in Dingwall Road, enjoying the view of the fantastic Seifert building (known as Number One Croydon).

What’s your favourite thing to do in Croydon?
Watch outdoor theatre in the bandstand in Wandle Park on a summer’s evening

What’s the coolest thing about Croydon?
The Croydon Citizen, the town’s citizen-written news magazine, founded in 2012 to give its people a voice.

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