Cool People: Bonnie Stephensmith

Bonnie Stephensmith
Partnerships and Events Manager at White Label
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Where do you live?
I live in Warlingham, technically just outside the borough boundary but with a CR postcode and Croydon is definitely home.

How long have you lived in Croydon? Always! (though with a 4 year break in Exeter for University)

Where’s your favourite place to eat?
This is absolutely not a one answer question, and feels a bit like picking between your children! Topping the list would be Bagatti’s in the restaurant quarter (always order the quadris) and BRGR & Beer, but I also have a fair few favourites in BOXPARK – Breakfast Club, Coqfighter, Oatopia… AND, we can’t forget the Croydon Food and Music Festival – a highlight of the year and definitely a favourite place to eat.

Where’s your favourite place to drink?
Again, not straight forward, but we’ll usually head for Wine & Deli after work. I’m also a big fan of The Oval, or the Dog & Bull in summer.

What’s you favourite thing to do in Croydon?
Aside from eating and drinking, it would probably be the board game café, The Ludoquist, in the town centre. Further afield, some of the woods around the borough are great for a walk and there are a lot of great one-off activities like outdoor theatre performances, boozy bingo, architectural tours, art classes and the rooftop cinema.

What’s the coolest thing about Croydon?
It’s identity. It’s such a bizarre place from the green and leafy district centres, to the brutalism and diversity of the town centre. And even in the town centre you then come across hidden gems like the Alms Houses or the Pump House. Croydon is always surprising you.

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