Cool People: Shay Mukherjee

Shay Mukherjee
Founder of The Mum Hub and Data Consultant
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Where do you live?
I live in Kenley in the very south of Croydon

How long have you lived in Croydon?
I lived in Purley for my first year of life, and then moved away. Then fast forward some years later, I fell in love with a Croydon lad and we moved here 7 years ago. We’ve lived in Crystal Palace, South Croydon, Sanderstead and now in Kenley.

Where’s your favourite place to eat?
Absolutely love love Little Bay. Love the dramatic theatre style boxes to eat in. Oh and definitely Coqfighter in Boxpark. Their panko fried chicken burger is to die for *drool*.

Where’s your favourite place to drink?
The Treehouse. We had our engagement party there and also my 30th birthday. Love the décor, the beer garden, and the fact it’s right in the centre of things. Definitely the place I take people when I want to show off Croydon.

What’s your favourite thing to do in Croydon?
Exploring the numerous parks, commons and woods with my kids. Over summer it’s outdoor cinema. I also love discovering new places to eat. I recently found the Byte Café which will soon become my fave coffee space. Boxpark is easily one of the best hangouts, and where I arrange most the Mum Hub meet ups as it’s a versatile space and caters for all foodie tastes. I love wandering down Surrey Street Market as well looking at all the fruit and veg.

What’s the coolest thing about Croydon?
The dichotomy. From leafy countryside to urban edge, and cool independent labels to big high street brands; you can find everything you need here, and it’s getting better by the week!

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