Cool People: Soha Bilal

Soha Bilal
Founder of Shadey Studios
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Where do you live?
I live in Purley, the south of Croydon. Pretty quiet in comparison to the busy streets of Croydon’s town centre.

How long have you lived in Croydon?
I was born in Croydon and have lived here for the most part of my life! I lived in Bahrain in between but was attracted back to Croydon in 2007.

Where’s your favourite place to eat here?
My guilty pleasure is Rios Peri Peri, I’m always getting the wrapster and the peri peri fries. If you haven’t tried it, you NEED to!

Where’s your favourite place to drink here?
Bao Bao in Boxpark! Their bubble tea is one of the best bubble tea finds in London (and I’ve been on the search)!

What’s your favourite thing to do here?
Probably exploring the Mayfield Lavender farms that people from across the world come to Croydon to discover!

What’s the coolest thing about Croydon?
The art and architectural qualities, every corner you turn has something creative to offer. Whenever I’m in central Croydon I always stumble across a cool gallery or pop up. Recently, Banksy even did a pop up in Croydon which was super exciting!

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