Croydon and Cool? Say wuuut?!

Yep, it’s true. Croydon’s (unfair) underdog reputation is being shaken off, and this big slab of concrete (surrounded by acres of countryside) is now one of the city’s hottest (and therefore coolest) new neighbourhoods.

As part of an eye-watering £5.25 billion regeneration programme, Croydon has seen (and continues to see) huge changes. There are more leisure and entertainment options thanks to the arrival of Boxpark, the refurbishment of Fairfield Halls, the confirmation of a world class retail and leisure destination and investment from both it’s London Borough of Culture and it’s Creative Enterprise Zone status. There are increased education opportunities thanks to a new London South Bank University campus and a partnership with the University of Roehampton. There are more enterprise opportunities thanks to a growing tech hub and start-up culture fostered by the likes of TMRW, NEXUS, Sussex Innovation Centre and Start Up Croydon.

All this, in addition to what already made Croydon a great place to be: a vibrant community, a thriving arts scene and excellent transport connections (including trains that get you to Central London in 13 mins, Gatwick Airport in 15 mins or Brighton in 45 mins).

The world has seen the light (!) and Croydon is now home to record numbers of new developments and a growing population of workers, students and residents.

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