Increasingly hailed as London’s new home of street art, Croydon has a flourishing public art scene including murals, installations and sculptures courtesy of a public realm programme developed and run by RISE Gallery.

This ever-expanding community focused project culturally enriches and brightens up central Croydon. The project sees the gallery help secure permission from landowners and businesses for artists to utilise walls & public spaces. They can then offer these spaces to artists for them to share their work with the community.

The project has gone from strength to strength and there are now over 60 spaces across the borough. The public have responded so well to the art, that many pieces, such as those by David Hollier, Lauren Baker and Otto Schade have become permanent. From September 2018 onwards, the universal new title for all permanent murals and artworks in the borough will be the ‘Croydon Collection’. Giving this growing assortment its own identity, will enable it to continue to grow and be protected for the future.

If you’re an artist, you can submit your work by clicking here. If you’re a member of the community keen to use public art to improve the neighbourhood, contact RISE on

A few pieces from the permanent Croydon Collection are below. Check out each artist’s Instagram handle to learn more about their work.


Graffiti Commissions
If you’re a business and would be interested in commissioning a graffiti artist to create art for your place of work, please email us on and we’ll introduce you to the people who can make it happen.


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