East Croydon Cool partners with Creates UK to help spotlight local businesses during Black History Month

In recognition of Black History Month, an annual observance that commemorates the history and achievements of members of the black community, East Croydon Cool has partnered with local video marketing agency, Creates UK, to shine a spotlight on Croydon based, Black owned businesses.

Businesses have been selected from the ‘Croydon Based, Black-Owned Business Directory’ set up by East Croydon Cool in 2020 in support of Black Pound Day.

Black Pound Day was founded by Swiss (from So Solid Crew) in June 2020 to address the economic inequalities and imbalances affecting Black businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK and global diasporic communities.

Having met Swiss in 2019 (at a networking event held by NEXUS, a Croydon based co-working community) we felt where we were best placed to support the initiative was by creating a directory featuring local, Black-owned businesses (which we would highlight on social channels throughout the year).

Fast forward a year, and we met with Cecil and Cilla who own and run Creates UK, a Video Marketing agency that helps brands share their story. Based in their hometown of Croydon, their love for helping brands with storytelling was the driving force of starting the agency. Their experienced team is on hand to guide clients through the video production process – from strategy all the way through to production and distribution.

Their new ‘Shine’ project will see them create videos for businesses throughout the year but to kick it off, Cecil and Cilla have selected a range of businesses from the East Croydon Cool directory and will be creating a series of 1 minute videos that shine a light on the owner and their business journey.

Businesses can use the resulting FREE videos however they wish and they will also be featured across East Croydon Cool’s channels. Watch the video below to learn more about the project from Cecil and Cilla themselves!

The Creates UK x East Croydon Cool Shine Video Series:

Episode One: Dexter Simms (Mula Cake)

To watch the 10 minute video in full, CLICK HERE

Episode Two: Kirsty White (The New Cub)

To watch the 10 minute video in full, CLICK HERE

Episode Three: Coming Soon!

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