#CroydonIsCool Tweet Chat

On Tuesday 19th June, East Croydon Cool is hosting a Tweet Chat to help spread the word that #CroydonIsCool !

What’s a Tweet Chat?
A Tweet chat is where a group of Twitter users discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag, at a pre-determined time.
The host will pose questions (using Q1, Q2 etc) to prompt responses from participants (who will reply using A1, A2 etc) and encourage interaction among the group. Chats typically last one hour.

Why are we doing it?
Because we want to use the knowledge and experience of local residents and businesses to help spread the word that Croydon is cool. Our aim is to get #CroydonIsCool trending on Twitter that morning.

Why should you get involved?
1) To grow your network and increase your engagement
2) To learn more about Croydon
3) To help spread the word that Croydon is Cool (because a win for Croydon is a win for us all!)

How does it work?
At 10am we will ask our first question using Q1 at the start and the hashtag at the end.

For example;
“Q1 where’s the best place for a pint in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool”
Participants will then answer using A1 at the start and the hashtag at the end. For example;
“A2 @DogandBullCR0 because beers always taste better in a beer garden #CroydonIsCool”.

We will continue to post questions (at 5 minute intervals) until all 10 questions are answered. By working together and using the same hashtag in a short period of time, we all have more influence than if we were working alone.

What questions will be asked?
Tweet Chats can move fast (!) so we want participants to be prepped and ready with their answers. So below is a head’s up on the questions we’ll be asking:

Q1: Where’s the best place to enjoy a drink in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q2: Where’s the best place to eat in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q3: Where do you go for a caffeine hit in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q4: Where’s great to hangout in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q5: Who’s your Croydon hero? #CroydonIsCool
Q6: Where’s the best place to get fit in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q7: Where do you go for live music in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q8: What’s good to do on a rainy day in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q9: What’s the best way to relax in Croydon? #CroydonIsCool
Q10: What’s the coolest thing about Croydon? #CroydonIsCool

Once you’ve posted your answer, feel free to comment/reply to other people’s answers.

What do you need to do to take part?
1) Confirm that you will be taking part by tweeting (before 19th June)
“I’m taking part in the #CroydonIsCool Tweet Chat. Are you? https://bit.ly/2MdSE9t”
2) Prepare your answers (it’s much easier to have them typed up and ready with any handles you want to include)
3) Follow @EastCroydonCool on Twitter from 10am on Tuesday 19th June

See you then!

UPDATE: The Results are in!

Thank you to the 48 contributors who took part in this morning’s tweet chat.
Whilst we didn’t (quite!) get the hashtag trending, the 184 tweets posted during this time meant our #CroydonIsCool message reached an impressive 89,053 accounts with a reach of 231,583!

We look forward to hosting more tweet chats surrounding some of the topics we touched on in the near future.

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