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Since opening the #CronxBoutique with the Croydon Photographer and IvyRose London, we’ve had a lot of questions (and admiring glances!) about the interior styling of the space. We (sadly!) can’t take the credit for this, as the vision was very much led by local Art Director and Creative Stylist, Laura Sawyer. (*although, we did put in a fair amount of muscle power bringing the vision to life!)

Fresh off the cover of one of Ireland’s biggest interior design magazines (!), we caught up with Laura, to get her to talk through the various tips and tricks she used to transform a shipping container into the #CronxBoutique.

1. Surprises
Did you notice any little hidden gems dotted around the #CronxBoutique? This little bunny paste up is just one of the little surprises hidden on the walls. Surprise details are a great way to add depth to your space – they add intrigue to those who spot them, and also help frame spaces or finish them off. Next time you’re in, see if you can spot the other treats we’ve hidden…

2. Crittal trend
Crittal is a material used to make black window frames and is very much on trend at the moment. In the #CronxBoutique container, there was a very boring white framed office window with odd frosted dots on the glass. We covered the whole frame in matt black vinyl and added horizontal lines on the glass to cover the dots and create this awesome feature wall. It highlights the Club Room brilliantly.

3. Props
Add props to your space to add character and depth. However, be careful that the props don’t compete with the product you’re actually trying to sell, but rather highlight it. At the #CronxBoutique we added vintage props that compliment the artists work. Such as vintage cameras and this typewriter (which has been a HUGE hit with younger customers!)

4. Lighting
Lighting is arguably the most important element in any design. We were lucky to have good directional lighting in the container, but multi-level and decorative lighting is what gives the space real warmth and entices people into a shop. We added this neon heart, a wall light, Christmas fairy lights and a table lamp to achieve this. If you don’t already have more than one light source in your room, get sourcing!

5. Paste up wall
On the other side of our newly created crittal wall was a very dull office room which needed to have the personality to inspire creativity at our @artclubcroydon events. So we added this paste up wall, with artwork from IvyRose London. Highlighting one of our designers as well as adding a unique feature wall; this was a great and low cost way to add colour and creativity. Top Tip: size the wall first then paste with wallpaper paste!

6. Height
Add height to a table to draw the eye. It isn’t an interesting experience for the eye if everything is on the same level. These box shelves work on the table top, as well as on the wall (as plinths) to make the mugs feel precious.

7. Branding
One of the most important parts of your design. Be proud. Let people know who you are. That doesn’t have to be a huge sign like we went for, it could be something more chic and subtle, but make sure you make a feature of it. The table light draws the eye and of course it’s the first thing you see when you walk in. Bam!

8. Furniture
Incorporate your furniture into your wall display. You can see that we built the gallery wall around the rail, which not only makes it cohesive, but it also makes the t-shirts feel like part of the display; it heros the products.

9. Don’t Clutter
How to create a concept store 101; make the products feel precious. Don’t stack them to the rafters. Let visitors fall in love with the feel of the space and want to live in it. They will inevitably buy a little something to take home and try to recreate the feeling. It can be as simple as opening a magazine and using it as a back drop for your product. Here @miumiu does all the work for us…

10. Instagrammable Moments
When showcasing different products it’s important to think how you can bring them all together. Here we have prints, mugs and Christmas cards with occasional lighting to draw the eye. The lamp is from @madedotcom the box shelf from @hmhome and the picture shelf from @ikea and of course a little touch of vintage and foliage. Vignettes like this create “Instagrammable moments” for people to capture and share on their social channels (thereby promoting your business!)

For more information about Laura, the styling services she offers and her location house in South Croydon, check out www.laura-sawyer.com.

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