Project Four: Fitness with Fernando Takeover

As part of our ongoing mission to do our bit for the community during this difficult period, we’re pleased to announce our latest project.

From this Friday 17th April we are partnering with local bootcamp guru Fitness with Fernando to bring you a weekly free 30 minute Pilates class via Instagram.

Each week at 9.30am, Fernando will be taking over our Insta account to run a 30 minute live class to help cooped up Croydoners stretch out their bodies and relax their minds after another long week in lockdown.

All you need is approx. 2m x 2m of space and a device that gives access to your Instagram account.

To join the Croydon community for this strengthening but relaxing class, simply check out our Insta Live Story HERE from 9.30am on Friday.

Attendees are then welcome to join his full Pilates class from 10am.

About Fitness with Fernando
“Exercise Is Medicine” is Fernando’s life motto. Having turned to fitness to escape his daily routine as a teenager, he soon found it built his confidence, strength and improved his health and so went on to pursue a career in fitness. After working for many major gym chains in London for years, Fernando decided to go solo and launched his own fitness company running outdoor fitness bootcamps which he has been doing for over 15 years now. His ability to get people moving so they see real results has enabled him to build a loyal clientele.  In these testing times, his journey has now evolved to offer a wide range of fun and relatable live-stream fitness classes. Drawing on his years of experience as a fitness professional, Fernando now puts clients through their paces within the comfort of their own homes. Classes are designed to be accessible for a variety of levels and require minimal equipment (with a focus on using bodyweight, hand weights, kettlebells and resistance bands).

As Fernando explains: “The Insta-Live sessions I am running on East Croydon Cool are Pilates classes which are perfect for strengthening the core, stretching the muscles and aligning the body in a relaxing atmosphere where there is flow and control. But I also run a variety of other online classes including HIIT training that will increase your metabolism, burn stubborn fat for hours after the class is over, tone your muscles and leaving you feeling energised and invincible”. 


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