Newsflash: ‘Tough as Nails’ manicure launches to celebrate strength of Croydon’s community

After a year of intermittent lockdowns, next month will see the re-opening of many small businesses in Croydon. To mark both this, and their first anniversary, Atara Nail Bar has partnered with East Croydon Cool, to launch a ‘Tough as Nails’ manicure that celebrates the strength shown by the local community this past year.

Atara Nail Bar in South Croydon originally opened in February 2020 as a vibrant, social hub offering first-class nail treatments alongside coffee and cocktails. This vision was sadly short-lived but, having been impacted by multiple lockdowns and social distancing measures, the business has shown great resilience in making it through its first year. This resilience has been reflected across the Borough by fellow small business owners and residents.

As Atara Nail Bar owner Lhaki explains: “It’s been a tough year for us, for our customers and for the wider community. But we’ve been kept motivated by platforms like East Croydon Cool that have shone a light on the strength of Croydon’s community. This new manicure is a positive, visual reminder of the resilience we’ve all demonstrated and provides locals with a motivating fresh lick of paint as we all get back to business!”

The Tough as Nails manicure includes a file, buff, cuticle work, hand massage and gel polish. Customers can choose from a colour palette of five nail varnishes, which have been selected to reflect Croydon’s famous Brutalist architecture. For an additional £4, they can also select from one of four nail art designs, again created in homage to the Borough’s buildings and in keeping with this season’s trend for grey, chrome and metallic colours.

Customers will also receive an East Croydon Cool mug to take home. With a choice of design from either “Croydon is Always a Good Idea” or “New York, Paris, Milan, Croydon”, it’s another great reminder of the community spirit the neighbourhood has demonstrated this past year.

The Tough as Nails manicure costs £40. This includes the manicure, the mug and a £1.50 donation to local charity, Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA).

The CVA is a key umbrella infrastructure body serving all Croydon’s communities. It runs a wide range of services for small groups, social enterprises, larger charities and volunteers at all stages of development. During the pandemic, the CVA ran as a food collection point for donations to more than 20 Food Banks every week and delivered weekly and bi-weekly online forums for more than 50 emerging Food Banks. Ultimately, the CVA helps to build a stronger Croydon community by supporting citizens to take active roles in their neighbourhood and by championing organisations that nurture and celebrate local strengths.

The Tough as Nails manicure is available for three months (from Tuesday 13th April until Wednesday 30th June) and can be booked by calling 020 8616 9460, emailing or booking online via Atara’s website (click ‘Book My Appointment’, Select ‘Manicures’ and scroll down to ‘Tough as Nails’.)

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