Eau de Croydon candle range launches to capture “the essence of a Borough”

For this year’s Cronx Boutique, we’ve expanded our usual merchandise range of mugs, notebooks, prints and bibs and ventured into the world of scented candles.

Inspired somewhat by Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic/ironic, sell out Vagina fragrance, the ‘Eau de Croydon, candle range captures the essence of Croydon through fragrant scent and evokes memories of the Borough from past and present. 😉

We’ve worked with a professional candle making company to ensure all the health and safety rules have been adhered to (and because quite frankly, our initial experiments hand pouring them in the kitchen reminded us that patience is a virtue we’re a little short on).

The nightclub editions bring back nostalgic memories of youth, when Croydon nightlife was at the top of its game while the iconic editions highlight key locations around town. New candle scents and sizes will be added to the collection over time but the 120ml launch range incorporates: 

Eau de Croydon No.1: Le Mouton Noir 
A masculine woody infusion that incorporates a subtle sweetness that will take you back to the smoky dancefloor of The Black Sheep.
Transport yourself back to the birthplace of Dubstep with this masculine, woody infusion which combines dark honey and tobacco. 

Le Mouton Noir

Eau de Croydon No.2: Orchidée Bleue 
A spicy and decadent scent with notes of wild orchid – to reflect nights out at this local institution.
This decadent scent infused with orchid will take you back to the retro carpets and podiums which provided the backdrop to wild night’s out at Blue Orchid.

Orchidée Bleue 

Eau de Croydon No.3: Marché de la Rue Surrey 
A fresh and fruity fragrance – a nod to one of London’s oldest markets
Celebrating one of the oldest markets in London, this plum, rose and patchouli infused candle is a nod to the fruit, flowers and herbs sold along the much-loved cobblestone street. 

Marché de la Rue Surrey 

Candles cost £15 each and are packaged in an amber glass jar with brown box and card.

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