Help shape the future of Croydon’s Town Centre

The world of work has seen a huge shake up over recent years, alongside changing attitudes towards jobs and careers.

Case in point, the rise in the anti-work movement (although this is unlikely to become a practical or viable option for anyone in this generation!) and The Great Resignation (which continues to see many quit and change jobs for a multitude of reasons, either caused or heightened by the pandemic).

Digital working has been embraced across most industries with more people working remotely than ever before (and dealing with both the positive and negative impacts of this change).

Living through a Pandemic has led many people to have a shift in priorities with work/life balance and “purpose-driven” work now given more importance.

Recent years have also seen a rise in community spirit and the increased support for local, independent businesses (with many keen to continue to spend more time in their local neighbourhood, building relationships and supporting their local economy).

In short, many people are now looking for job roles that enable them to ditch the commute but still enjoy the benefits of a team environment as well as give them an opportunity to play a more active role in their local neighbourhood and make a difference.

So, if that’s you, and if you’re looking for a local job, and a role working in and with the local community to help shape the future of Croydon’s town centre (which most people would agree needs a serious energy injection!), you might be interested in a role with Croydon’s BID (Business Improvement District).

About BIDS

BIDs have been operating in the UK since 2003 and are essentially business-led and business funded bodies that are formed to improve a defined commercial area (normally a town centre or neighbourhood). Essentially, businesses in the defined area pay a levy and this money is then used to improve the local area (which in turn helps local businesses).

BID activities can lead to numerous benefits for including increased footfall and spend, improved staff retention, enhanced marketing and promotion, help with infrastructure, pollution and movement, guidance in place shaping activities, networking opportunities with neighbouring businesses and assistance in dealing with the Council, Police and other public bodies.

BIDs operate for a maximum of five years and if they wish to continue they must go through a renewal ballot process to secure another BID term of up to five years.

About Croydon Town Centre BID

Croydon Town Centre Business Improvement District won its fourth 5-year term at the end of last year and you can read about their plans for 2022 to 2027 HERE.

The Croydon BID currently works with over 500 member businesses across the retail, commercial, leisure, hospitality, and public sectors. They were set up to help make a real difference to the town centre, by introducing initiatives and much-needed services that would not otherwise exist. Their vision is for Croydon to become one of the most sustainable, welcoming, vibrant and culturally diverse locations in south London in which to do business, work, live and visit. For this 5 year term, they have five key priorities: Resolve (Putting safety first), Refresh (Freshening up our streets), Revitalise (Boosting our town’s appeal), Represent (Championing your interests) and Thrive (broadening our horizons).

They are now on a recruitment drive to help build the team that will bring this 5 year vision to life. Currently there are 3 main roles available:

Operations Executive
The Operations Executive will support the Director of Operations in delivering against operational services and initiatives designed to meet the needs of our business members, supporting an ever-changing environment across Croydon town centre. The Operations Executive, working with partners, stakeholders and the Croydon BID executive team, will offer day-to-day support on improving the overall safety of our town centre through many of our services and initiatives, including the Croydon Business Crime Reduction Partnership and Radio Link. The Operations Executive will act as a conduit between Croydon BID and our on-street teams including the ranger and cleansing teams. The Operations Executive will provide strong project management, supporting the delivery of our services while ensuring visible improvements are delivered on time and on budget as per the strategy created by the Director of Operations. As we look to deliver a range of festivals and Events across the town centre, the Operations Executive will be expected to work alongside the Director of Operations to ensure our festivals and events programme is delivered assisting in the logistical delivery of each event on time. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AND TO APPLY

Marketing and Communications Executive
Working with the Chief Executive, the Marketing & Communications Executive will oversee the successful delivery and project management of our marketing campaigns, communications activities and content development. Much of our marketing and communications activity focuses on targeting businesses to business and business to consumer. The Marketing & Communications Executive will oversee the day-to-day delivery of our communications channels, supported by the Digital Marketing Executive. You will be expected to support and work closely with the Chief Executive on the creative development process while supporting the creation of communications materials and content to inform, update and inspire our members using the full marketing mix. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AND TO APPLY

Office Administrator
The Office Administrator, reporting to the Business Engagement and Place Manager will provide the central administrative support to the Executive team working across a range of internal functions to ensure the efficient running of the office. The Office Administrator will provide full support to the Chief Executive and Executive team on all matters concerning governance which include preparation for board and committee meetings, minute taking and diary management. Working with the Business Engagement & Place Manager, you will be expected   to administratively support the finance function of the business. The Office Administrator will work with the Business Engagement & Place Manager in meeting with members as and when required, responding to enquiries and needs from our members while supporting the delivery of our business engagement strategy. In your role as Office Administrator, you will lead on all enquiries relating to events and activities, providing complete administrative support to ensure our sites across the town centre are supported and managed. You will act as the first point of contact for all general enquiries while acting as front of house for all internal and external meetings with guests visiting the Croydon BID office. Overseeing the general management of the office, the Office Administrator will be expected to work with all suppliers related to the office needs. CLICK HERE FOR A FULL JOB DESCRIPTION AND TO APPLY

For more information on BIDS, take a look at the British BID website or for more information on the Croydon Town Centre BID, click HERE.

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