Developer (with “significant budget”) looking for artists and designers

News just in via Develop Croydon

Menta, the developer behind East Croydon’s Morello Quarter regeneration project, has issued a tender seeking artists and designers to create eye-catching and inspiring designs for its Phase II public realm as works which form a new station entrance being delivered by the developer are set to further transform the area.

A significant budget has been set aside to both work with the selected artist, and to deliver the works for the project, with artwork and materials needing to be high quality, durable and sustainable, focused on the theme of Cherry Orchard Road, East Croydon, Past, Present, Future.

The deadline to submit expressions of interest is 12noon on Wednesday 13 April, when up to six submissions will be put forward for stage two of the process.

The public art will need to engage, inspire and stimulate involvement with the communities in which it will be present, as well as creating inclusive and equitable places for residents and the public to use. With opportunities across the development, it will ideally be informed by the area’s rich and diverse history and character – for example, acknowledging the historic cherry market which was home to where the development now sits, the area’s unique and evolving built environment, the businesses that have shaped its character, diversity, lifestyle and sense of community and lifestyle.

The opportunities available as part of the tender are:

  • Designing a decorative finish and envelope to the hostile vehicle management cubes
  • Creating the design for the lift elevation to assist with wayfinding and draw people from the plaza to the lift, upwards and across the new East Croydon pedestrian link bridge.
  • Designing one or several facades to create a focal interest, creating a welcoming visual identity to encourage use of the new pocket parks.
  • Designs for the glass stair balustrade screens to the link bridge.
  • Imaginative ideas for designs for the plaza furniture, and secure bike racks.

Regeneration specialist Menta and the Morello project, has been involved in delivering over 3.5m sq ft of development as part of the East Croydon Masterplan with over 1000 new homes currently being delivered along with a landscaped public piazza and flexible community spaces and commercial spaces adjacent to East Croydon Station.

Phase two, which the public art will be a defining feature of, will deliver nearly 500 new and affordable homes and associated infrastructure and is scheduled for completion in 2023.

Craig Marks, CEO, Menta, said: “Morello has created a whole new community in a key part of Croydon and this public realm art project will add to its identity and its diversity.

“We want to hear from local, national and international artists to submit inspiring and relevant designs and proposals for this high-profile new station entrance and piazza, having already commissioned and delivered iconic tall building architecture through all phases with MAKE architects.

To view the submission brief, visit this page or CLICK HERE to download a copy. Submissions should be emailed to and it is expected the project will be delivered in July 2023 with artists’ input throughout once selected.

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