TMRW launches new hotdesking Day-Pass for just £20 (plus VAT)

We don’t want to complain, we really don’t. The flexibility that hybrid working has brought to many of us is the gift we begged for since we started our working lives! Reduced commuting, no forced presenteeism, and fewer unnecessary meetings are the holy grail of an office job. But (even though we still get a thrill working in pyjama bottoms and turning on OOO for a mid-afternoon gym session) sometimes, just sometimes we need a slightly more office-like environment to get (and stay!) motivated.  Just occasionally, we miss a little tea break with Janet from accounts. And from time to time, we know a little work-related moan with another human would really help us gain some perspective.

So…we were delighted to hear that TMRW, the fancy co-working space (that is much more than a co-working space*) is launching a new Day Pass; a pay-as-you-go option to help freelancers and hybrid workers make the most of TMRW’s facilities without the long-term commitment (coz we certainly haven’t got any better at that in recent years!)

The team have recently transformed the downstairs Indoor Garden area into a hot-desking heaven. From today…you can turn up whenever you need a more professional place to work from, pay just £20 (plus VAT) and get all-day access to work from the space. If you need a break from your desk, you can head upstairs to enjoy the other in-house facilities (including a kitchen, wellness room, table tennis and library). And if all that wasn’t enough – they’ll even give you a free coffee from their in-house Byte café 😉

To celebrate this great new offer, we’re running a one-off ‘East Croydon Cool Co-Working Day’ event on Wednesday 13th July. This gives you the chance to try out the new Day Pass deal for just £5. It also gives you the opportunity to meet other local freelancers and hybrid workers (basically, other people who are working “flexibly” who might be around should you ever need to join forces for a motivational chat!)

So, if you’re struggling to stay motivated and keen to break out of your WFH hole from time to time, come join us on Wednesday 13th July to experience the new Day Pass first hand.

To learn more about TMRW and their facilities, CLICK HERE.

To buy a £5 ticket and join up to 20 locals for an all-day co-working session, CLICK HERE

*About TMRW

TMRW is more than just a collection of desks, designer offices, and an award-winning café. We house tech, creative and digital business of all sizes; from start-ups and SME’s to freelancers and remote workers. Founded by serial entrepreneur and investor Francois Mazoudier, TMRW is well equipped to help you with funding and commercial growth. We appreciate, more than most, that building your own business has its obstacles which is why we help you resolve those challenges and applaud your victories. Our entire management team hails from the tech industry. We’ve been in the trenches, living and breathing start-up life and we have decades of practical, invaluable knowledge to impart. Between us we have created a total of 18 companies, achieved 1 start-up-to-IPO, overseen five successful exits and naturally, racked up an array of battle scars along the way. Our competitors may promise the idea of community but at TMRW, we deliver it. We believe community starts with a sense of ownership, not only of the space but of the ecosystem itself. Our members constantly share their time and skills to support each other’s growth and this instilled sense of collaboration has, within one calendar year, generated over £1 million in inter-member business. TMRW deeply believes in harnessing a sense of belonging at every opportunity which is why we offer our members a jam-packed calendar of events. From panels featuring many of London’s top VCs & entrepreneurs to candlelit yoga and super fun socials, there is something for everyone.

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