Project Three: The £1 Thumbs Up

We are working on various projects to help support the Croydon community at this time.

The £1 Thumbs Up is a simple fundraising campaign to encourage East Croydon Cool Instagram followers (ideally all 6600 of them!) to donate £1 to NHS Croydon Health Services.

Croydon Health Services Charitable Fund (The Fund) was set up some years ago under the former name of Mayday Healthcare Charitable Funds to receive and administer donations and legacies generously given by patients, local residents and local groups. Our mission is to raise money to enable Croydon Health Services to provide world-class care for its patients and their families and to improve the care and facilities we offer by: contributing to the refurbishment of different areas in the hospital, funding the most up-to-date equipment, supporting research and providing the best possible services for our patients and families”

We hope that by keeping it to just a £1 donation* ALL of our followers will be able to join this campaign to help NHS Croydon Health Services to fund “improvements in their care, specialist equipment and investments in cutting-edge technology and facilities to deliver the very best for people in Croydon”.

If you can take part, it’s a simple 3 step process:

Step One: CLICK HERE (to make the actual donation: you can donate money to a specific purpose, ward or department or simply the ‘General Amenities Fund’)

Step Two: CLICK HERE to complete the Gift Aid form (to allow the Trust to claim an extra 25p from your donation)

Step Three: Confirm you have donated (and help us track donations) by leaving a THUMBS UP emoji in the comments of the East Croydon Cool Instagram post HERE.

(*obviously feel free to donate more if you wish!)

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