Countdown to Christmas with #TheCronxCalendar

Wow. What a year!

But instead of reeling off the hundreds of things that have impacted us as a result of the c-word, we’re going to focus on a different set of numbers and a different c-word (no, no that one: CHRISTMAS!)

This year, we’ve partnered with No.26 Croydon to create an online Instagram calendar that gives 26 unique gift suggestions from creative entrepreneurs across the Borough.

As thousands of press reports will attest to, supporting local is more important than ever. Small businesses are the life and soul of our Croydon neighbourhood and we want to do as much as we can to help them thrive at the end of a very tough year.

No. 26 Croydon is a residential building which offers “urban living with community built right in” and so were equally as motivated in wanting to raise more awareness of local creative entrepreneurs.

The calendar will feature on both the No.26 Instagram account (to help give their residents some inspiration over the festive shopping season) and also on East Croydon Cool’s feed (to spread the word amongst the wider community).

In addition to highlighting specific gifts, the calendar entry featured on the No.26 feed will include a short video from the seller themselves, giving people a chance to learn a little more about the person behind the brand.

From artwork and apparel to homeware and accessories, there’s plenty of ideas that will put smiles on the faces of even the trickiest person to buy for!

So if you’re looking for gift ideas (or inspiration on what to treat yourself to in the New Year!) and want to support local, make sure you check in on the East Croydon Cool and No.26 Instagram accounts every day from 1st December in the lead up to Christmas.

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