Newsflash: New funding available for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses thanks to campaign led by Croydon BID

Following the national #BusinessBooster campaign led by Croydon BID (and backed by various organisations including British BIDs, ATCM, The BID Foundation, the British Beer and Pub Association), Rishi Sunak has just announced new funding that will support businesses across the UK.

It’s a great achievement for the Croydon BID – one which should significantly help local cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants and event venues.

As Matthew Sims, CEO of Croydon BID and Founder of the Business Booster campaign said at the start of the campaign: “It is baffling and alarming that our Chancellor is doggedly sticking to measures which are out of date and out of touch with the stark and desperate reality retail, hospitality and leisure are facing. Without swift intervention, many businesses will be faced with closures, layoffs and cutbacks masking the significant financial support Government has ploughed into these sectors during the pandemic a woeful waste of money.”

The Croydon BID put together a letter that urged “the Prime Minister and the Chancellor, with the Government, to reassess the situation and realise that without support many of the businesses that we love will not get through the next few months”. The letter included specific actions be taken around Business Rate Relief, VAT Extension and Grant provision. Full details of the letter can be seen HERE.

The campaign was picked up by various news outlets, with many Croydon business owners keen to show their support for it by speaking to journalists about the issues they faced:

Here you can read what Andy from Mr Fox said in the Guardian and below you can see what Carrie from the Ludoquist and Peter from Bagattis said on BBC news last night:

Thanks in part to this well led campaign by Croydon BID, Rishi Sunak has today made the below announcement that the government will be providing financial support for retail, hospitality and leisure businesses across the UK:

Whilst Matthew’s response says the new measures don’t go far enough and they will continue to lobby for more, it certainly seems like a step in the right direction…

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