Matthews Yard launches ‘Kick Inflation to the Kerb’ campaign

Whilst the sunshine has helped lift the collective mood of late, increasing inflation and the cost of living crisis continue to impact households and businesses alike.

Matthews Yard – a non-profit community and cultural venue next to West Croydon Station has launched a new campaign to ensure locals can still treat themselves over the coming months.

Run by Saif and Leoni, community has been at the heart of the Matthews Yard proposition since it launched (in the original premises off Surrey Street) in 2012.

The seed of the idea was sewn in 2011, the day after riots ripped through the heart of Croydon, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. While many woke up shell shocked, a groundswell of community-based activists were emboldened and empowered to act and be the change they wanted to see. Matthews Yard became the hub for that energy.

Over the following 10 years, Saif and Leoni never shied away from controversy and have always dared to be different. From creating Croydon’s first coworking space and the UK’s first fully crowd-funded theatre to launching Croydon’s first fully vegan restaurant, they have always been trailblazers.

Their ethos that there is more to life than profit continues to shine through with their current focus to reduce the adverse impact they have on the world while maximising the positive impact they can have in the local community. As Saif has said “We won’t shy away from difficult but socially responsible decisions we must take, like ditching bottled wine in favour of box wines (10x less C02 emissions) or ditching meat or abandoning bottled water – despite it having the potential to generate ludicrous profit margins”.

It is with this attitude in mind that they have launched their new ‘Kick Inflation to the Kerb’ campaign.

As Saif explains “As a small independent cafe, we are feeling the squeeze as much as any of you. Hot on the heels of a pandemic we are now getting hammered by price rises. Nevertheless, we have searched our larder, scoured our price lists, haggled with our suppliers and gathered together a selection of inflation beating deals which will see prices on some of our most popular products REDUCED BY AT LEAST 20% over the Summer!”

In addition to that, if you’re a member of Matthews Yard, teacher, civil servant, employee of Croydon Council, TfL, or a Blue Light Card Holder you can also get an extra 15% off the discounted price!

Finally, after two years of missed opportunities due to COVID, they didn’t want inflation getting in the way of your special celebration and so are also offering 20% off any functions or events booked before 30 August and scheduled for anytime until 31st October.

Check out the Kick Inflation to the Kerb menu below:

Breakfast & Brunch Sausage & Onion Sandwich
Was £5.50 Now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

Beans on Toast
Was £5.90, Now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

Fish Finger Bap with Chips
Was £10, now £7.95 or £6.76 for members

Cauli Wingz
Was £7.5, now £5.5 or £4.68 for members

Signal Lager Pint
Was £5, now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

House Wine 250ml
Was £5, now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

Absolut Vodka 50ml + Mixer
Was £6.50, now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

Tanqueray Gin 50ml + Mixer
Was £7. Now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

Havana Club 3 Anos Rum 50ml + Mixer
Was £6 now £3.95 or £3.36 for members

For more information on Matthew’s Yard and this campaign, CLICK HERE

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