Croydon residents sponsor trees to green up their streets

Back in the summer of 2021, Croydon Council became one of the first UK councils to take advantage of Trees for Streets, the National Street Trees Sponsorship Scheme. The scheme is run by a national charity, Trees for Cities, and is supported by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund, which is funded by DEFRA and managed by the Heritage Lottery.

Trees for Streets is a Tech for Good project that uses technology to empower people by making it easy for residents and organisations to get involved in greening their communities.  They do this by hosting tree sponsorship schemes on behalf of local councils, and delivering local promotion and engagement activity to bring these schemes to life.

The scheme uses a clever online mapping app that lets residents request to sponsor trees in street location and local parks.

The team at Trees for Streets work to publicise the scheme around each participating city or borough via leaflets, council emails, social media, PR and community contacts.

Croydon’s Tree Officer (yep, it’s a thing!), Richard Edwards, got involved with the project when it was just an idea on a drawing board, and his expertise helped to shape the final scheme. He was instrumental in bringing the Trees for Streets national scheme to the borough.

Local volunteers from the charity GoodGym spent several evenings on foot delivering leaflets to local houses across Croydon to help promote the scheme.

Since then, residents from all over Croydon have used Trees for Streets to fill empty tree pits and grass verges, from South Norwood down to Shirley. Over one hundred trees have been planted in the borough as a result of this initiative and Croydon has set its sights on growing these numbers this coming year.

Most residents have been keen to fill an empty pit outside their homes, but some have used the scheme to plant a tree in a local park to celebrate the life of a much missed loved one. There was also a park friends group who planted a row of Sweet Chestnuts to create a legacy that will be there for decades, if not centuries to come.

You can read more about these Croydon Sponsorship Case Studies HERE.

So, if you’d like to sponsor a tree (to go outside your house, in your street or in one of Croydon’s many parks), CLICK HERE, to find out more.

About Trees for Streets
Trees for Streets is the new National Street Tree Sponsorship scheme. They aim to make it easy for residents and organisations to donate to the planting and watering of trees in their streets and neighbourhoods. They host sponsorship schemes on behalf of local councils. Giving residents the means to directly improve their neighbourhood, is a powerful way to increase community resilience, and helps dissolve barriers between councils and residents. Street trees offer huge benefits for mental and physical wellbeing and they also capture carbon, absorb pollution, create shading and cooling, and make neighbourhoods that much nicer.

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